Room Number
Mohsen Nasr Esfahani Professor chemical engineering Head of Department 031-33915631 Website Nanotechnology in heat and mass transfer Enhancement of heat and mass transfer Two phase flow in microchannels Microbial fuel cells Vinyl chloride suspension polymerization Email:mnasr [at]
Ali Reza Khaz'Ali Assistant Professor Petroleum engineering Deputy of Educational Affairs 031-33915677 Website Computational Fluid Dynamics Unconventional Reservoir Modeling Numerical Methods Reservoir Charactrization Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Petroleum/Chemical Engineering Email:arkhazali [at]
Hamid Zilouei Associate Professor chemical engineering Deputy of Educational Affairs 031-33915632 Website Environmental Biotecnology Wastewater Treatment Bioenergy Bioprocess Email:hzilouei [at]
Hamid Reza Shahverdi Assistant Professor Petroleum engineering Deputy of Research Affairs 031-3391564703 Website Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Fluid Flow in Porous Media Thermodynamic of petroleum Fluids Welltesting Email:hr_shahverdi [at]
Nasrin Etesami Associate Professor chemical engineering Graduate Program Advisor Website Nanotechnology in Heat and Mass Transfer-Thermal energy storage and phase change materials (PCM)-Suspension Polymerization(S-PVC)-Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering (DOE) Email:netesami [at]